Exercise in Perspective #1, 2017 (detail)

Exercise in Perspective #1, 2017 (detail)

March 7-11, 2018      Volta New York

Continuing my exploration into Context v. Perspective, I will be the featured artist in Chimento’s booth for VOLTA NY. Like Kusama’s sticker obliterations, Schoenstadt’s Exercise in Perspective #3 invites the audience in the creative and executive process. Viewers will determine, pull, and anchor their perspective lines, throughout the duration of the fair. The participatory nature of this project forces the artist to accept others viewpoints and creates new possibilities in the language of symbolic architectural imagery. Additional information for VOLTA NY 2018 HERE.

Perspective #5, 2018 (detail)

March 24- May 5, 2018 Solo Exhibition at Chimento Contemporary

Schoenstadt tackles the relationship between situational context and individual perspective in a series of new mixed media works. Continuing to explore human impulses and issues behind our built environment through her signature language of symbolic architecture and spatially engaged installation, Schoenstadt has devised a body of work addressing the tensions between context (cultural and greater sociopolitical relations) and perspective (subjective individual view). Her new works lean out from the wall to claim sculptural space with delicate suspension.   

Inglewood Series (detail), 2016

Inglewood Series (detail), 2016

Metro Station coming in 2019! Fairview Heights station solo project

Schoenstadt references both iconic buildings (look for a shout-out to the Forum when the art is in place) and lesser-known structures in the area. The architecture love extends to the blue “snap lines,” which represent a place’s timeline as well as the phone lines, traffic markings, and, now, train tracks that bisect the area.

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