University of Maryland Art Gallery Solo show installation images

From March 23 through June 30, 2016 the University of Maryland Art Gallery, in collaboration with the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center, present Kim Schoenstadt: Discussion Wall 3 & 4, an interactive, student-centric installation that allows students to work directly with one of the nation’s leading contemporary artists, Kim Schoenstadt.

Boxes for collecting “ART” and “NOT ART” items have been strategically placed within studio and common areas of The Clarice and UMD’s Department of Art. Students are encourages to place items that they think might correspond with one or the other category. It could be a drawing, a sketch, a Post-it note, an old term paper, a musical score, a trinket or good luck charm, blueprints for a performance or installation, an outline for choreography, etc.

At the conclusion of Spring Break, all deposited items will be physically stamped as ARTor NOT ART,depending on which box it is in. Then, Schoenstadt will collage the works on an adjacent wall within the space during her visit to campus the week of March 21st. As a coda to the project, Schoenstadt will create a site-specific wall drawing directly on top of all the collaged materials.